The emphasis on natural and sustainability continues to grow from interior trends from previous years. It’s no wonder that their aesthetics are becoming even more refined and covetable. Moreover, we’re seeing a subtle merge of retro, natural, and zen elements in 2022 interior design trends. In addition, the importance of setting up home offices and keeping clean spaces play a substantial role in favored looks

1. 70’s Retro Kickback

interior design color trends with nature 2022

A touch of retro is more than enough to spruce up a home. Gentle suggestions of burnt orange, moss greens, and other warm neutrals brighten up-and-coming interiors. Make a pass at your local flea market for these pops of color and patterns, or reupholster a vintage couch.

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Loving the retro interior design trend is one thing, but finding the piece perfect for your place is another. Here are quick tips on securing a vintage touch before the year is out.

  1. Routinely visit local antique stores, fairs, and markets. Perseverance is key to finding what you’re looking for at the price that suits you.
  2. Look for lesser-known brands. Popular names tend to cost more and be harder to acquire. Get to know alternatives by researching the style or item you want.
  3. Buy vintage furniture online. That said, stick to trusted websites, like 1st Dibs or Chairish, to avoid the risk that comes with online shopping.
  4. Attend an estate sale or antique auction with a friend. You’ll need to visit more than one event to make sure you can spot swollen prices.

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Go the extra mile with your nature-inspired design next year and bring authentic greenery into your home. Plants will not only complement your natural woods and warm browns, but they will also purify the air. Besides, seeing your blooms grow brings a deep sense of fulfillment and joy.

Best Plants for Pulling Off the Green Interior Design Trend 

Remember to do your research before buying your favorite plants. Some will simply do better and are easier to care for than others. Here is the best greenery for interior design:

  • Sweetheart Plant: A versatile climber that is happy in semi to full-shaded rooms.
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree: Hardy and beautiful bushy trees that need sunny rooms and weekly watering.
  • Monstera: A large family of plants with unique cut-out-shaped leaves that thrive in low-light interiors.
  • Palm: Another family with a wide variety of big and small plants that flourish in partial sun.
  • Snake Plant: Rumored to absorb negativity, this plant prospers in indirect sunlight and with infrequent watering.

3. Multifunctional Spaces

Multifunction as 2022 home decor trends

Single-use spaces seem to be a thing of the past. In the light of architectural strides and design, we expect interior design trends in 2022 to feature nifty ideas on multifunctional rooms. Make the most of every nook and cranny with clean and innovative room-dividing tactics.Multifunction interior design trends 2022 - Studio Lifestyle

There is a multitude of opportunities within any given room. Often many miss these by forgetting about the vertical space your room offers. Shelving, ladders, and platforms can open various doors and even function as room dividers.

4. Zen Interiors

zen interior trends 2022

Showcasing sustainable living in interiors serves a dual purpose. On the one hand, it elevates the ingenious and environmentally-friendly design. This can encourage others to look to eco alternatives for their own homes. On the other, it’s a reflection of a clear and undistracted mind.minimal interior design color trends 2022 - The Spaces

Light wood, clean lines, and floating surfaces set the tone for zen-living. These spaces lean toward a less-is-more approach while keeping decor organic and natural. To this end, plants are often included for a calming aesthetic.

5. Minimalism Remains

minimalist kitchen interior design trends 2022

Minimalism done right enhances the livability of a space despite featuring fewer creature comforts. By highlighting the central purpose of a room it’s easy to focus on basic day-to-day needs and chores. That said, decluttering must be a core habit in such a home.2022 interior design trends - Studio Shamsiri

To achieve a simplistic look, stick to one or two main materials for furniture, like wood or steel, and limit ornamentation. You can introduce visual interest through different textures and contrasting surfaces.

There is a heightened interest in creating the ideal home office. From a roomy space with everything you need to a fold-away desk in a living room, home offices come in all shapes and sizes. But whatever the look, the aim is to make your space work for you. So when designing your own office, keep in mind that functionality, practicality, and aesthetics are equally important.

5 Things to Consider for a Home Office

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Whatever the style, shape, and size, your home office will need a few basics to be a productive space. So when you incorporating the office trend into your design, also be mindful of the following points.

  1. Location: Ideally, a workspace should be in a quiet area of your home. If a whole room is not an option, a foldaway desk in a guestroom can work just as well.
  2. Equipment: Be sure to include everything you need to work efficiently without indulging in things that’ll only clutter your space.
  3. Storage: A home office needs to be organized and sufficient storage will help keep things neat and in their place. Choose pretty containers that can double as decor.
  4. Color: Opt for colors that calm and focus the mind, like subtle blues, greens, and neutrals. And avoid very bright hues that are energizing as they can lead to restlessness.
  5. Decor: Keep decoration to a minimum to stay focused. You can include wall art, striking shelving, plants, and fun rugs to save space.

Abstract art as home decor trends 2022

As new forms of design take flight, organic shapes and tactile surfaces are becoming more popular. Again, we see home decor trends in 2022 will have sustainability at their core.

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