July 14 is Bastille Day in France. The holiday, instituted in 1880 during the time of the nation’s Third Republic, marks the 1789 storming of the Bastille prison during the French Revolution, an event that symbolized the end of absolute monarchy. Bastille Day also commemorates the Fête de la Fédération, a national festival held in 1790 to celebrate the unity of the nation and the drafting of the early stages of the constitution the previous year.
What better occasion to embark on a tour of French architecture and decor? On the itinerary are elegant Haussmannian apartments, the charms of Provence, lofts brimming with character and traditional country houses. From Lyon to Paris, Bordeaux to Nice, and even to the nation’s overseas territories, we look at incredibly rich styles, surprising choices and clever ideas. Don’t forget to tell us which of the photos is your favorite!
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July 14, 2017
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