An architect’s son brings a lifetime’s worth of lessons into play in this sleek, spacious farmhouse-style home in New York

his Houzz profile shows, Jeff Chmielewski is an architect’s son. Growing tired of what he saw as lackluster design in the Bridgehampton community of Long Island, New York, Chmielewski designed and built the farmhouse he now shares with his family — all without formal design training. He attributes its success to his decades of exposure to all things architectural and, of course, a little bit of help from his father. “I spent months drawing and laying out the residence,” he says, “faxing my sketches to my dad and getting CAD files back in return.”

Chmielewski is proud of his home, a farmhouse perched at the top of a field near Bridgehampton’s Main Street. Built with traditional bones and modern shapes, it’s filled with items that reflect his discerning taste. “I wanted to be very conscious of the surrounding environment — the Bridgehampton Historical Society is located on the other side of the field that the house sits on. But at the same time, I love the light and openness of modern architecture and needed a compromise,” says Chmielewski.

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Jeff and Angela Chmielewski and baby Chase
Location: Bridgehampton, New York
Size: 4,800 square feet
That’s Interesting: Chmielewski is writing a book on home design and building called The 80/20 House.