Basement Bedroom

The beauty of a basement bedroom lies in its versatility. For tweens and teens, it offers a measure of the privacy they crave. For overnight guests, it preserves a sense of removal from the home’s daily routine. This space even works well as an in-law suite, especially if it has its own separate entrance. You can go cozy with dark colors and heavy fabrics or your may choose to  cloak the room in crisp white and colorful accents, which may be a better choice if there isn’t natural light from egress windows.
 Basement Family Room
Although fewer homes these days have formal living rooms that are used only when company comes, it’s nice to have a getaway space that you don’t feel the need to keep pristine. Enter the basement: Add comfy seating; space to rest drinks, books, or games; and task lighting, and you have a multifunctional retreat just for the family. Although this space has generous windows, the pale, putty-color walls and flooring amplify sunlight and banish any hint of an oppressive feel.

Basement Game Room

Converting a basement into a game room is a classic approach. It can be as simple or as elaborate as your tastes and budget allow—this one has bells and whistles aplenty, including a pool table and full bar. Because it’s typically not seen from the rest of the house, a basement is also an ideal place to take a design risk, such as carpet or interesting curtains.


Laundry Room


Basement Laundry Room

If you’ve ever had to tote clothes to the laundromat or venture out to a garage washer/dryer on a chilly morning, you know what a luxury it is to have a dedicated laundry room in your house. A basement can be just the spot to carve one out, especially if plumbing and electrical systems are already in place. It doesn’t need to be huge, but some simple amenities—a fold-down ironing board, a sink for soaking stains, a counter for folding, and cabinets for storage—make doing laundry a pleasure (almost).
rec room.


Basement Entertaining Area

 Sure, you can sip cocktails in the living room or pour wine from the kitchen island, but the nice thing about basement entertaining quarters is that you won’t disturb kids and light sleepers if guests linger until the wee hours. This appealing space is proof that it doesn’t need to be elaborate; a cushy seating area and a simple built-in bar are all it takes to get the party going.



Basement Wine Cellar

If you’re serious about wine, you’ll want a serious room for it. A custom-crafted cellar keeps your collection at the right temperature so that every bottle is ready to enjoy when it’s time. Make it even more functional with a tasting area and a full dining area so that you can enjoy your prized vintages with meals that show them off at their finest.
Bowling alley


Basement Bowling Alley

A what? If you have the room and resources to spare, why not indulge in your very own bowling lanes? It may not guarantee you a strike every time, but it’ll ensure that your house is the hot spot for rainy-day fun. Of course, you can tailor this idea to your particular passion: Install a rock-climbing wall, full home gym, mini putting green, home spa, or whatever indulgence you fancy.


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