We have spent the last two weeks discussing the best use of small spaces. This week we will show you how we have done just that in our latest Signature Home. We built the Georgia O’Keefe, a 2200 square foot ranch style home in Shakes Run, just east of Middletown, Kentucky. With three bedrooms, two full baths, an open chef’s kitchen and dining area, it is amazing how roomy this home feels!

The two homeowners had very different styles: one loved the rustic feel and wanted to used reclaimed barn wood while the other loved sleek lines and an urban feel. Martha Wolford, our in house interior designer, not only made it work but exceeded the clients expectations!  Here some of the techniques we used to open up this home:

17015 Shakes Creek Dr-20

Less walls = more space. The number one space saving tip in any house is to open it up and eliminate walls. Although walls are only 4” thick, this 4” can become valuable real estate. It allows rooms to become multi-purpose- as dining/living and hallways are all combined. This home has a kitchen that opens to the combination dining, living room and also serves as access to both the master suite and the guest suites.


sliding door reclaimed barn wood

The barn door and pocket door are seeing a great resurgence in smaller living areas like condos and townhouses and has become a big trend in new construction as well. Our rustic barn door which separates the sleek master bath from the master bedroom  is as authentic as it gets, handmade from timbers that framed a tobacco barn, 100 years ago. I am in love with this barn door, not just for it’s great style, but it’s practicality as well as it saves valuable floor space by eliminating the room you need for traditional doors to swing.

 17015 Shakes Creek Dr-13

Look up. Lighting is key to making smaller rooms have a big impact. Fanciful chandeliers (as in this Master bedroom) or this crystal orb chandelier over dining table (from Restoration Hardware) are the stars of the show. A cozy foyer becomes a grand entrance when embellished with just the right piece!


The delight is in the details. Small spaces are the perfect place to splurge on more expensive items. Exotic granite? Check. Carrera marble backplash? Check. Designer tile in master shower ? Check. Wainscoting? Check. These are all items that are priced per square foot, so less square footage is now your best friend!