It takes time to build a home with soul and character. You simply can’t do that by visiting Ikea, particularly if your are wanting to create a sense of history in your home.  I visited Scott Nussbaum, a local antique dealer to get his take on Estate Sales.

Nestled in the heart of the Clifton neighborhood of Louisville is Scott F. Nussbaum Antiques. In business over 40 years, Scott gets many pieces for his store from families that want to liquidate their estates. Maybe a parent died and the children don’t want additional pieces for their homes. Or a couple is downsizing and doesn’t have room in their new condo. Scott will then conduct an Estate Sale on behalf of that family.  The work that goes into these Sales is incredible.  Scott shuts down his store for two weeks to meet with the family, price each individual antique and stage the house for the Sale.  He often incorporates pieces from his store in order to complete the home, keeping in mind the style of the house and furnishings therein.  The day of the Sale, Scott allows fifteen people to enter the home at a time.  This allows everyone a little elbow room and keeps the process fair to those who arrived early. If you want a real bargain, wait until the second day of the sale, as everything is marked down.  I look forward to going to an Estate Sale Scott is conducting in Harrisburg, Kentucky later this fall.  Check the Courier for dates and times!

Estate Sales are a great way to begin or add to a vintage collection. Here are a few simple tips:

1.Black and White Photographs: Old photos are an inexpensive way to add instant history to a room. Estate Sales are a great venue for wonderful old photos of days gone by.
2. Small Historic Details: Estate Sales or Architectural Salvage are bold ways to infuse your décor with age and patina.
3. Special Furnishings: Find one special piece at an Estate Sale and plan your room around it. Items with a history can be the most valuable piece in your home and it’s ok for it to have a few imperfections!!!!
4. Estate Sale prints: You may not find a Monet nor a Picasso, but you can find interesting prints that are unusual and true conversation starters!!!

Many thanks to Scott Nussbaum for his time and expertise.!!   Visit Scott F. Nussbaum Antiques at 2036 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, KY  40206

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