They say, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”  But let’s face it:  anyone can advertise their Sale as an Estate Sale so you waste a lot of time driving to “Estate Sales” only to find overpriced cast-offs. I have found the best way to avoid this is to research these Sales online.  While you will find many advertised in the local newspaper,  I typically prefer the Sales advertised online so I am able to view pieces prior to the Sale.  If a Sale is online with pictures, I know I am not visiting a garage sale that someone called an Estate Sale hoping to make more money.  Further, I am  able to decide if there is a piece I want badly enough to show up at the beginning of the sale prepared to pay initial asking price.

Another way to use your time wisely is  familiarize yourself with a local outfit that handles Estate Sales.  In Louisville,  I have found Miss Vickie’s Que’s Estate Sales to be a dependable company with quality merchandise.  In business 18 years, Vickie’s Estate Sales has a great reputation and they sell 98% of their merchandise!!!  You can sign up to be included on her email list so you will know about upcoming events and view pieces on her website up to two weeks prior to the Sale. This past weekend included interesting pieces at reasonable prices.

This shelf was my absolute favorite.  Standing 5′ tall by 3 ‘ wide and 1’ deep, this  beautiful mahogany piece was both unusual and beautifully made with original hardware.  The price Saturday was $190 and sold on Sunday for $135.

This mahogany dresser was beautifully made with dovetail construction.  While the top needed refinishing and the mirror had grown cloudy, it was till very reasonably priced at $95 and further reduced to $47.50 on Sunday.

Finally, this Nineteenth century dresser was a steal at $50.  Granted, the hardware was not original, but it was well built and would have been a great addition to any bedroom, especially after a reduction to $25 on Sunday.

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