At Wolford Built Homes, we don’t just build houses.  We help you create your home.  YOU are what makes your house your home.  Your home reflects your life, your history, your experience.  When it comes to decorating, the two questions you want to ask yourself are, “what makes me unique”?  “What is MY style”?

The reason I love estate sales is they are a snapshot of someone’s life.  The pieces I see have a history and often tell a story.  I simply cannot buy that at a furniture store.  For the next several weeks we are going to dedicate our blog to Estate Sales and how to, not only get the most bang for your buck, but also how to begin telling your story through your décor.

Top Finds: 2014-2015

I am an Antiques Roadshow buff, particularly the British series.  I love hearing the stories behind the pieces and oftentimes the fact the owner has no idea as to the value of what they have.  The most interesting by far are the pieces that have been handed down through generations and the stories that accompany them.  When you buy something for your home you are starting that very journey.  Why not buy something that already has a history?  Something that has been part of another person’s journey and now shall embark upon a new journey with you?

Several years ago Martha Wolford had the opportunity to attend the Estate Sale of Jay Spectre.  Mr. Spectre was named one the top 20 greatest designers of all time by Architectural Digest.  He had been quoted as saying, “taste is acquired”.  How true!  Pictured above are Ron and Martha Wolford in their home in Prospect, Kentucky.  The large painting over their bed was purchased at that Estate Sale.  Martha was not only able to add a fantastic piece of art to her collection, she was also able to build upon Jay Spectre’s taste and incorporate it in her own home.   So, as you embark upon the creation of your home why not build upon the acquired taste of another while adding your own touch along the way?

Ron and Martha Wolford are the leaders in luxury home construction in Louisville, Kentucky.

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