Popular Design Trends to Carry Into the New Year

Now that you’ve gotten your feet completely immersed in 2016 and had time to recuperate from the holidays, you might be eager to tackle your New Year’s design resolutions for your home. Whatever those may be, you can start by looking back at trends from the last few years and see which ones are holding up well. As a designer, I’m always trying new things, but I also like to check in with my past clients to find out what’s still working for them. Here are some recent trends I’ve used in clients’ homes that are still making them smile and should continue to for years to come.

Jaw-Dropping Media Rooms

Countless hours are spent around the TV with family and friends. If you are lucky enough to have a home theater or media room, why not make movie night a showstopper? These 10 designer tips will give you the tools to help your media room steal any show.

Set an Eclectic Thanksgiving Table

With Thanksgiving this week, many of us are in full-scale dinner-planning mode. Along with menu coordination comes table arrangements. I’m a firm believer that holiday tablescapes can take a nontraditional route. I think the holidays should be what you want them to be, and if that means blue and white for Thanksgiving and pink and green for Christmas, I say go for it! I’m all about eclectic holiday decor.

Make Room for a Thanksgiving Crowd

Thanksgiving is days away. You’ve decided on your tablescape, the menu is set and you know what you’re going to wear. Now where are you going to put all of your guests? Whether you live in a spacious dwelling or a small city apartment, it’s time to space plan. But don’t stress: This task just requires a careful observation of your space, so you can utilize what you have, whether it means simply moving some furniture or getting a bit more creative. Read on to learn how to maximize your entertaining space.

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The 4 Stages of a Remodel: The Honeymoon Phase

Prepare for the fast-paced progress of demolition — and the potentially jolting slowdown of structural issues

As with anything in life, a remodeling project can come with its ups and downs. Certain phases seem to go a mile a minute, while others feel like they’ve lasted a lifetime and a half, all while it looks as though nothing is being completed. Fear not — this is pretty typical. And, while every project is different, a good portion of renovations have four major phases, what I’m calling the Honeymoon, the Mid-project Crisis, the Renewal of Vows and the Happily Ever After.

For now, let’s take a closer look at the Honeymoon phase of renovating.

Trending Living Rooms

The top trending living rooms provide a wealth of decorating ideas — whether it’s adding stylish wallpaper to the ceiling or embracing the power of symmetry. The ideas that follow come from the most popular living rooms  as measured by the number of people saving photos of them to their Houzz ideabooks recently. See if any will work in your home.

Trending Now: Bedrooms We’d Love to Fall Asleep In

Looking for a comfortable and calm space? Consider some of the most popular new bedroom photos

Most of us want a calm, soothing vibe to permeate our bedroom. So it’s no surprise that the 25 most popular bedroom photos uploaded recently to Houzz portray that kind of atmosphere. A quick review of the key elements found in the following photos reveals some recurring design moves that deliver the relaxing look. When in doubt, employ gray and gray-blue tones, wood accents and layers of the most comfortable bedding you can find. Here are 25 ways to sleep tight in style.

Smart Ideas for Small Homes

Constraint breeds creativity. And in no place is this more true than in not-big homes. Give someone 1,000 square feet or less and he or she is bound to come up with clever design decisions that make home life more enjoyable. Here are 16 tricks from space-savvy homeowners to help get your creative juices flowing

Fabulous Fall Container Gardens

Celebrate the season with potted displays rich in color and texture. Embrace the bold tones of autumn with containers filled with eye-catching foliage in brilliant gold, fiery orange and deep burgundy. By choosing plants based on your climate, you can create dramatic displays that will last well into the holidays. In cold climates, select plants that are resistant to frost, such as conifers and coral bells, for long-lasting vignettes. In mild-winter climates, play up the colors of the season with succulents and perennials in rich fall hues. Here are 12 container combinations to add fall cheer to your porch or patio.

10 Elements of a Dream Master Bath

Dreaming of revamping your master bath? From dual showers and soaking tubs to saunas, live-edge wood and built-in storage, more options abound than ever before. Wolford Built Homes, Louisville, Ky can help you achieve your ultimate master bath.
The Wolford Built Homes Team can make your Mater Bath dreams a luxurious reality!