Colorado Style

Jake and Christa Rost wanted four core values to shine through in their 1908 bungalow in Denver: family, community, creativity and an adventurous spirit. Partnering with Larry Kagiyama of Diagram C Interior Design, the couple thoughtfully designed and renovated their space with these ideals in mind.
To make the house their own, “We began renovating immediately,” Christa says. “I was pregnant with our first son, Alex, so the project definitely presented its challenges. Our biggest design dilemma was opening up the first floor and removing a wall that was 60 percent of the house load.” The couple then gave Kagiyama a general direction, with their art, travels and children serving as inspiration for the inviting color palette.Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Jake and Christa Rost; sons Alex (4 years old) and Henry (6 months)
Location: Congress Park, Denver
Size and style: 3,800 square feet; 4 bedrooms; 3.5 baths
That’s interesting:
The home was featured on HGTV’s Bang for Your Buck.

The Elegance of Experience: Old Pieces in New Places

Just because a house is brand new doesn’t mean it should flaunt its youth. While new homes have their charms – warranties, modern technology, central air – they often lack a certain je ne sais quoi that old homes, for all their leaky pipes and exposed radiators, have in spades.

Fortunately, newer homes warm right up when they’re decorated with interesting older pieces. Furniture with a story. Accessories with soul. I think that there’s a lot to be said for mixing cool old pieces with brand spanking new construction. You start with a clean slate and end up with the best of both worlds.

Here are some great examples of spaces that mix the best of old and new:

Hamptons Style


Hamptons Style - Tara Dennis

The Hamptons, situated north of New York is where the wealthy escape to the beach for summer.

Hamptons style is defined by casual, relaxed beach living but done in a classic and very sophisticated way. The look is bright and breezy, plenty of natural daylight with discreet window treatments to really let the light pour in.

To get this look even on a budget here are some of my tips:


Interior walls are often plain white with just a hint of softness to them – try Dulux Natural White.  Wall panelling is also very Hamptons chic, even in bathrooms.  Buy wooden panelling such as tongue and groove from hardware stores – visit for ideas. I find that by adding subtle panelled detailing to an otherwise plain room gives it so much more style and interest. Paint as you would your doors and skirting boards, I like ‘off white’ enamel in a low sheen finish.
How to create the Hamptons Style in your home.

How to create the Hamptons Style in your home.


Timber floors throughout are all part of the look, either in a very dark chocolate brown or pale and bleached.   For dark, try sanding and staining ordinary boards in the richest, chocolatey colour you can find such as Wenge or Jacobean Oak.  For light flooring, try Porters Wood-Wash in white and finish with a low sheen clear varnish.

Add natural rugs such as sisal or jute or light coloured carpets for softness under foot.

How to create the Hamptons Style in your home.


Linen upholstery is my favourite and a popular Hamptons pick, it always looks great.  Slip-covers in pure linen or else white cotton drill are easy on the eye and cool on hot summer days.  Accesorising is easy with soft scatter pillows.

Wicker or cane furniture is popular too but definitely not too much.  Remember the key to this look is high end and sophisticated, not beachy,  shabby chic.

Look out for smart occasional tables in op-shops and perhaps a nice chair to which you can add new paint and a cushion.  Keep wicker natural or consider painting in pastels such as soft blues and greens or stain dark brown, almost black for a dramatic contrast to white walls.

How to create the Hamptons Style in your home.


A variety of lamps adds subtle ambience to a room.  Look for medium to tall sized bases in ceramic or wood and choose shades in natural fabrics such as linen, cotton or silk.  For overhead lighting consider pendant lighting over tables and island benches as well as to illuminate key areas of your home.

How to create the Hamptons Style in your home.


Keep this look fresh and interesting by mixing old with new. Go antiquing for a few rustic items like old timber dining chairs and pair them with a new plain oak table. Retro kitchen canisters, old shop signs and bottles add charm and fun while contemporary art, lamps and furniture pieces keep things very young and very now.

Don’t forget to include a few natural items such as driftwood and shells and display them in glass jars throughout the house.

Thank you Tara Dennis for the great Information!

A Modern Farmhouse in the Hamptons

An architect’s son brings a lifetime’s worth of lessons into play in this sleek, spacious farmhouse-style home in New York

his Houzz profile shows, Jeff Chmielewski is an architect’s son. Growing tired of what he saw as lackluster design in the Bridgehampton community of Long Island, New York, Chmielewski designed and built the farmhouse he now shares with his family — all without formal design training. He attributes its success to his decades of exposure to all things architectural and, of course, a little bit of help from his father. “I spent months drawing and laying out the residence,” he says, “faxing my sketches to my dad and getting CAD files back in return.”

Chmielewski is proud of his home, a farmhouse perched at the top of a field near Bridgehampton’s Main Street. Built with traditional bones and modern shapes, it’s filled with items that reflect his discerning taste. “I wanted to be very conscious of the surrounding environment — the Bridgehampton Historical Society is located on the other side of the field that the house sits on. But at the same time, I love the light and openness of modern architecture and needed a compromise,” says Chmielewski.

Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Jeff and Angela Chmielewski and baby Chase
Location: Bridgehampton, New York
Size: 4,800 square feet
That’s Interesting: Chmielewski is writing a book on home design and building called The 80/20 House.

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 Color-management company Pantone Color Institute recently announced its Color of the Year for 2017, a vibrant spring-green hue called Greenery. If you’re among those who find Greenery a bit too bright to be used in or on your home, take heed. Paint manufacturers have chimed in with their various selections for Color of the Year and, for the most part, it’s a much mellower bunch. Deep grayish blues and purples dominate, but some warm neutrals and bold yellows are also offered up.

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