A Quick Downsizing Quiz for the Undecided

We all consider downsizing for different reasons. Maybe we’re sick and tired of the maintenance and upkeep of a large home. It could be that we’re weary of the financial burden, or of being tied to a house and yard. Perhaps we want a smaller footprint for greener living. But is downsizing really for you?
If your circumstances make downsizing a necessity, go for it and decide to love it. But if you have a choice in the matter, take a few minutes with what I call the Knee-Jerk Reaction Test to see if downsizing is really for you. Gather a pencil and paper, look at each picture below and write down the number next to the response that most closely matches your own.Ready? Here we go.

Groom Your Rooms With Kentucky Derby Decor

 It’s time to run for the roses! Celebrate the Kentucky Derby at home with decorative touches that evoke the Bluegrass State


It’s not the only marquee horse race in the country, but there’s something about the Kentucky Derby that conjures up a singular sense of romance and refinement. Where I live it’s a major cause for celebration — never mind that two whole states stand between Birmingham, Alabama, and Churchill Downs. I know countless folks here in town who can’t wait to break out their picture hats and pearl chokers, uncap the Maker’s Mark and invite friends for viewing parties on that first weekend in May.

So as long as everyone’s in the spirit, I thought, why not take it one step farther? Try these ideas for adding a little Kentucky style to your home. Long after the winner’s rose garland has wilted, you’ll remain at the peak of bluegrass chic.

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10 Considerations for the Bedroom Addition of Your Dreams

Chic and Timeless Decorating Ideas to Remember

When looking through photos of beautiful high-end rooms, it can be tempting to think, “If I had that kind of money, of course I could create a gorgeous living room (dining room, bedroom) like that.” But a gazillion-dollar budget doesn’t guarantee a great-looking room. And you don’t need a fortune to design a room that’s inviting and delightful and comfortable to be in.

New York City interior designers Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller’s work for celebrity clients such as Vogue’s Anna Wintour and actress Jessica Chastain has landed them on Architectural Digest’s exclusive AD100 list. But in the foreword to the designers’ recent book Carrier and Company: Positively Chic Interiors, Wintour writes: “These are homes whose high style comes from a very human-scaled sense of warmth and joy.”

The designers have organized their book into six looks, such as tailored, country, modern and traditional, and discuss the concepts they use in creating each style. We’ve highlighted some of their work and design ideas here. See if there are useful concepts you can pull out for your next project.

Kitchen Watch: Trends, Products and Lifestyle Elements

The evolution of the modern kitchen has finally hit a design crescendo. The following design directions reflect a greater desire for control, ease, and environmental sensitivity within the home that appears to be increasingly common among a diverse range of homeowners. Whether any or all of the possibilities below fully develop into future design concepts for kitchens or vary a bit — as many trends do — depend on regional influences and budgetary considerations.

Bring Sophisticated Drama to Your Room With Warm Metallic Tiles

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Use Trim to Modernize a Traditional Home — or Vice Versa

5 Star Bathrooms

Give your bathroom a special finish with a few splurges

Ever looked at a beautiful bathroom and wondered what takes its design to the next level? You’re not alone. Many homeowners want to know how some bathrooms get that mysterious designer je ne sais quoi. I’ll let you in on a few secrets. Because the overall material costs are low in a small space like a bathroom, it’s a great place to splurge a little on a few features. But it also helps to know where to spend and where to save. Here are a few of my favorite tricks for getting a nicely finished look for a lower cost.

Colorado Style

Jake and Christa Rost wanted four core values to shine through in their 1908 bungalow in Denver: family, community, creativity and an adventurous spirit. Partnering with Larry Kagiyama of Diagram C Interior Design, the couple thoughtfully designed and renovated their space with these ideals in mind.
To make the house their own, “We began renovating immediately,” Christa says. “I was pregnant with our first son, Alex, so the project definitely presented its challenges. Our biggest design dilemma was opening up the first floor and removing a wall that was 60 percent of the house load.” The couple then gave Kagiyama a general direction, with their art, travels and children serving as inspiration for the inviting color palette.Houzz at a Glance
Who lives here: Jake and Christa Rost; sons Alex (4 years old) and Henry (6 months)
Location: Congress Park, Denver
Size and style: 3,800 square feet; 4 bedrooms; 3.5 baths
That’s interesting:
The home was featured on HGTV’s Bang for Your Buck.

The Elegance of Experience: Old Pieces in New Places

Just because a house is brand new doesn’t mean it should flaunt its youth. While new homes have their charms – warranties, modern technology, central air – they often lack a certain je ne sais quoi that old homes, for all their leaky pipes and exposed radiators, have in spades.

Fortunately, newer homes warm right up when they’re decorated with interesting older pieces. Furniture with a story. Accessories with soul. I think that there’s a lot to be said for mixing cool old pieces with brand spanking new construction. You start with a clean slate and end up with the best of both worlds.

Here are some great examples of spaces that mix the best of old and new: